Bradford Award Ceremony: Campaign for Wool award

Last week I travelled up to Saltaire for the Exhibition and Award ceremony. It was great to see the diversity of the submissions.

For each section the winning entries and commendations were projected onto a screen then the winners went up to receive their awards from the sponsors of each section. I received my award, then at the end I was called up again to receive a further unexpected award, the Campaign for Wool Award from Bridgette Kelly. Award

Eileen Chadwick’s Loom

I have arranged to collect this lovely old loom from Somerset on Sunday. I have seen it in pieces in a garage, and hope that it will go back together for me! From my observations (and with a certain lack of experience in such matters) I think it is an 8 shaft, counter march loom.

Eileen Chadwick's Loom
Eileen Chadwick’s Loom