Humbled to be amongst the wool ‘greats’


On Wednesday I arrived at Baker Street, London, to run a weave workshop for The Campaign for Wool as part of their Wool Fusion event. I was chuffed to see my name in the big list of contributors on the outside of the venue!  Thanks to Thomas B Ramsden for providing the British Wool yarn used by the workshop participants to explore weaving.

This “stunning collection of photography surrounded by fashion, flooring, fabrics, furnishing and film” is beautiful, colourful, inspiring and thought-provoking too! It’s on for a couple more days so try and visit.

Herdwick wool weaving at Decorex

IMG_20170920_170017At the end of the 4 day show, I wove with wool dyed orange from Dahlia flowers to finish off, just before disassembling the loom.

The two-tone warp in grey British Herdwick Sheep’s wool, produced three versions of the design I had planned prior to the show, and I will continue to sample creating new versions now the loom is back in the studio.

My aim was to sample with the same yarns in the weft, changing the height of the blocks as they increased in width across the cloth. However the change in the pattern within the blocks was visually too subtle, so by changing the number, thickness and colour of threads in each weft pass/pick I created three versions, the definition improving each time.

My designs often originate from the properties of the wool I am challenged to work with. Hand-weaving with this Herdwick wool, resulted in a fabric I can see being used on large floor cushions in a rustic kitchen or outdoor room.