Cambrian Mountains Wool Challenge 2015

In January 2015 the Cambrian Mountains Wool Design and Make Challenge was launched. I submitted a design for a floor cushion using my hand-woven fabric. However, the organisers asked me to consider working with upholsterer Mick Sheridan to produce a piece of furniture covered with my fabric.

Initial thoughts of developing a woven cloth design from my Flooring weight cloth sampling.
Initial thoughts of developing a woven cloth design from my Flooring weight cloth sampling.
I receive my wool for the Cambrian Mountains Wool Challenge
I have to make hanks from the supplied cones, ready for dyeing
Hand-cranked hank winder. I experimented to ensure hanks were of a consistent weight.
Triskelion Yarns in Carmaerthenshire dyed the hanks to colour match my photographic references.
The hanks needed to be wound onto cones or balls ready to be put on the loom.
Making the warp. I made four of these ensuring that the colour changes were correct.
The warps were transferred to this lovely old 8 shaft countermarch loom and tensioned to the cloth beam.
Weft colours were wound onto bobbins for the boat shuttles. The width of the fabric was 24 inches.
The length of the final piece was 6 feet, sufficient for a long bench! The red stripe was designed to appear only on the front edge.
Mick Sheridan using an electric bread knife to cut foam to size
Patchworking foam offcuts to cover plywood base
Covering foam with wadding remnant
Attaching fabric with electric staple gun, ensuring fabric pattern aligned with edge
Surplus fabric about to be trimmed
Neat corner following trimming. The edges will be covered by a lining fabric.
Recycled fittings for attaching the legs
Corner edges are hand-sewn to secure them
Bench or footstool for Cambrian Wool Challenge
Completed Footstool for Cambrian Wool Challenge

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