Wool Week at Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park

Drop-in weaving sessions for children proved popular. They enjoyed being tied in into the simple back strap loom using a rigid heddle.
This is where my Shetland wool comes from. This real character was happy to have his photo taken!
This big beast is a Cotswold breed sheep by the name of Claudius. He did not want to look up or interact with me, perhaps that’s why the use of Cotswold wool has declined!
This little girl stayed for ages and as it was the end of the day she was given the weaving to take home.

I was approached by the Cotswold Farm Park to come and weave with the public during Wool Week. I took several rigid heddle and back strap looms, ready warped up. Within minutes the children were weaving cheerfully and well. I also took a four shaft table loom on loan from Stroudwater Textile Trust for adults that wanted to explore ‘proper’ weaving.

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