A Cotswolds Weaver – a film project with Benedict Mart

A film created by Benedict Mart, 2019 benedictmart.com.

Music by ‘Onceagain’ by bensound.com

I was approached by Cheltenham-based professional film-maker Benedict Mart who is undertaking a project to produce a series of films for Youtube depicting the creative practice of local artisans.

Filming took place at my studio over 2 days with a further day of editing the sound. Benedict kindly made a shortened version of his film for me to use for my own purposes.

2 thoughts on “A Cotswolds Weaver – a film project with Benedict Mart

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’d love to see this film made about your practice but it appears I need to have a password to watch it. Do you have that?

    I am also thinking of coming to visit you at some point in the near future – I believe you say Saturday’s are usually good for that?


    1. Hi Janet
      Apologies, of course it was fine when I looked at it on my PC! If you would like to give it another go, Ben the film-maker has done the necessary. As for visiting me, I’d love to meet you, however please tell me when you plan to come as on Saturdays I am often away from my studio teaching. The ‘drop-in’ at the studio days are on saturdays – I should have a date in October on my website soon.

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